a simple problem from a simple person....

Hey guys, im sorry to be wasting your time with such a stupid problem, but im really new to blender and following the “gingerbread man” tutorial on the website, its going ok so far, but im at the point where you add floor below the character, however my man is not standing on the floor, he is, rather inconveniently, lying on his back (lazy Gingerbread man!!) but i havent figured out how to rotate him yet. shouting at him dosent seem to work. I dont really want to progress with the tutorial till i have fixed this silly little problem.

Any help you guys have would be great thanks!!


P.s, This is the tutorial im following;


in objectomode (Tab)

keyboard shortcuts are your friend:

R - Rotate
G - Grab
S - Scale

Ahhh, sorry, ignore that, i figured it out :slight_smile:

Ok, so instead of just cluttering up the forum with my questions, ill just add them here if anone feels like having a go at solving them…

How do i add one blender project to another?
Say im still working with the “gus” character, and i download a Frying pan model from the internet, how do i pull that into the “gus” file so that he can hold the frying pan? Or i download a car model, and want him to sit in the passenger seat, that kind of thing.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys, for all your help so far!

Here’s the answer, in the Manual.

Welcome to BlenderArtists.:smiley: Catch up on your reading. Actually, you need to learn the vocabulary in order to search the manual or the wiki, or this site. So concentrate on learning what things are called. In this case, it’s called “Appending” (go figure…:rolleyes:)

Ill have a search.

forgive me if i start asking stupid questions, but my free time is limited and im determined to progress as quickly as possible with this.
As soon as i get the hang of it ill try to contribute more constructively to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!!

Ok, Next Problem;

Im adding the “bones” to Gus’ body, or armature, and trying to parent them to the mesh so that as they turn the mesh turns.
The tutorial is telling me to select the gus, and then select the bones so that one is magenta and the former is light pink, Then Press [control P] to enter the parent menu.

Ok so far.
The i should select “use armature”, ok no problem, and then… “create from closest bones”…THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!!!

I have something about bone heat and envelopes!
Im confused and lost. and i cant get past this annoying little hurdle. ive tried object mode and edit mode, nothing seems to be working, does anyone know why this is happening to me, and is it usual for people to have this many issues with such a basic tutorial??

or am i just a bit slow…?

Any ideas?
sorry to bump this thread, but im rather anxious to get back on track…

Ah that happens every now and then:
Blender evolves fast and tutorials get outdated.
Well i think the bone heat is the closest to the old nearest bone.
However all the options (but the don’t one) create vertex groups according to the bone names. The “heat” and the “envelope” also create weights so you 'll have something to start from.

Yeah, gus is seriously outdated. For a more up to date version, although it doesn’t promiss an animation in 30 minutes ( :rolleyes: ) try Introduction to Character Animation.

Hey thanks Orinoco!
that new tutorial is exactly what i needed! I was starting to get REALLY frustrated, but this this straightened me out, Thanks a lot!!


a new problem for someone to solve!
How exciting :smiley:

So im following that tutorial, and its going well, the only snag is the part where i add pupils to the eyes. adding multiple colours to a single mesh is not as simple as i would have hoped.
Im not sure if its just me, but there seems to be a bit missing from the tutorial…

anyway, its not a huge problem, because i have just dented the eyes where the pupil should be as a reference and continued with the tutorial. ill go back to the eyes when i can work it out.
can anyone please explain to me in n00b friendly terms how to go about doing it?


Ok so go to the editing buttons in your buttons window, (or press F9 and u’ll go there)
You’ll see somewhere a tab called Link and Materials, with the name of the object you have currently selected something about vertex groups and something about materials.
Press the new button under the material ( the thing with the color choosing etc)
Now you should have a second color apllied to your mesh, now select the color u want, in this case probably black by clicking on the color square next to the 2 material 2.
then pull the cursor of the color to the low left corner ( for black u can also pull it somewhere else for a different color) now go to editmode of you pupil
select the face u want to color with black, then select the second color by pushing right arrow at the 2 material 1, so it says 2 material 2, (the color sqaure should now be black again) and then push assign (again the assign button under the color square)

I hope this helped and I’m sorry if i didn’t properly explained it but english isn’t my first language :slight_smile:
Keep on blending

ill see if that works, it certainly sounds about right :slight_smile:

And now, a new problem! (is it normal for someone to have this many issues?!).
i have built a full upper body bone structure for the man, spine head and both arms, and am now at the point where should be playing about with pose mode.

but for some reason, none of the armatures will move!
they highlight blue, but i cant grab or rotate them! i cant even move them with the red, green and blue arrows!
the only thing i can do is grab the first bone i placed, but i cant rotate it. i placed all the bones with Extrude, as instructed.

Dammit! whats going on?! ive used bones before, but this has ever happened!

ok, grab mode has started working, i poked a few buttons, but rotate still doesn’t work.

Oh, and the eyes are sorted, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

a simple problem from a simple person…

Hmmm well this certainly gets the sympathy vote. Ever seen the movie ‘The Village’?

Interesting about the bones not moving. Is it the bone itself that isn’t moving or the vertices grouped to it? Did you try moving the mouse when you pressed ‘g’, or when you click the pretty coloured arrows?

Seriously, I’ve never heard of a problem like this. Try rebuilding the skeleton.

Nope, Followed the tutorial, nothing moves in pose mode. the bones are highlihted blue and grab mode simply dosent work, and when i try to rotate all im given is the black and white line, which does rotate, but the item dosent on any axis. if you have never seen this befor i would be happy to send you the .blend file to see for yourself.

press R then X to rotate him on teh X axis.

Yeah, i know that asking “how do i grab and rotate” is a really stupid question, but the bones are genuinely stuck!
Ive used them before with no problem and i really have no idea why they wont rotate now. is it something to do with the chain they are in? The base of the spine can be grabbed, as it is the first bone in the sequence, but cannot be rotated. all the other bones are completely fixed.