A simple question about the camera walk mode




Whats the Accengrave key?

Supposedly is the accent that does this à ò ì, but on my keyboard, it doesn’t correspond to what Blender says and in my case, the key that works is the one where I find the ª º, the one which stays on the left side of the number 1.

On standard English keyboards, it’s the tilde key, which has this symbol: ~ You’ll find it directly under your Esc key on a 100% keyboard

the command key? one which brings up text console in video games?

this bad boy right here:
Start saying command key and you’ll confuse mac users.


now i wonder why would blender not say the key outright and include a photo instead of that weird accent thing

AccentGrave is what it’s called in Dutch and French, and Blender was originally created (and is still heavily maintained) by Dutch and French developers

Blender can’t include a photo because that ` key is in different places depending on keyboard layout, which differ by language, country, or even user preference (you can change the functional layout of your physical keyboard). It’s not usually paired with the ~ either.

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