A simple question about the Joan of Arc tutorial

Is it doable in Blender?

just that. I’m very new to the whole mesh/subdivision modelling, coming from architecture and a more “lines oriented” approach to design.


PS: now that I think about it, is there any available comparison of what blender can or cannot do in respect to other modelling packages such as 3DMax or Maya?

I think it’s possible to do. Blender can do the most that Max and Maya can I heard. You should give people the link to the tutorial here it is:

Yes you can do it all in Blender. I remind that when I was a beginner I used this tutorial but I had very ugly result. In some steps you will not have the proper tool in Blender to do the same thing that in 3d studio max. But with some imagination and tweaking you can get the same result.


I didn’t post the link cause I got it in pdf format.