A simple scene for CG class....

(DanSellers2) #1

Hey Guys,

  Been working on this for a little while now. It a recreation of a scene I did last year for my final, and decided I want to rework alot of it and make it look better. Its my first post whooohoo!!!!


comments, concerns, thoughts for improvement?


(VelikM) #2

Nice work! It seem that with the red lights on the wall that the over all ambient color should have more of a redish cast to it though, but maybe the window is the strongest light source.

(LohnS) #3

great work there. Maybe all that is needed is a bit more work on the light. a bit more emitting look, at the moment just looks like smoke =).

Also on the window maybe extrude it out to give it a bit of depth.

great though can’t wait to see the finished product, the candles table etc are all spot on!

(Goo) #4

Very nice modeling. The lighting needs work, there is light that couldn’t come from the window, the candles or the red lights. If you put a dim light hangin from the roof, that light would be explained. It’s looking very promising.


(Detritus) #5

That´s nice! Maybe add a halo around the calndelfames, and turn tha transperancy down?