A simple sliding and hill climbing problem.

I’ve searched for an hour, and can’t find a thread for this, so here goes.

I have a platformer. When I move my character, and let go of the key, he acts like he’s on ice. I have tampered with the objects properties, and the material for the grounds properties, and he either moves at a snails pace, or continues to slide.

Issue 2: I can’t getr him to climb slopes over 15 degrees without slowing, and on 45 or more degrees, he goes at a inch per minute. Is there a way to make him climb it at a constant speed? (Als, he slides down once I let go, which is also unwanted).

I have been trying to solve this for days, and any help is really appreciatted.

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on the motion is it servo or simple?

I solved the hill slowness problem on my own character by making the collision box have a point on the bottom (not very deep, maybe about as high as his foot); this way it deflects up hills instead of ramming them head-on.

Servo motion is extremely helpful.

You can either check your logic settings, and change “Damp” to a high number (.7-.9) - it’ll take more force to move, but it won’t slide; or, you can add an actuator that servos to 0 velocity when there’s no inputs.

Thanks for the help. Yes it’s on servo control, and yes the damping is relatively high. Currently he slides for about half a second after letting go. As for the hill thing, I’m not entirely sure what you meant. I made this kind of point:

|____ |

(I have a collision cylinder).

It only helped hill climbing the tiniest bit :frowning:

Thanks for the help, I’ll try the other suggestion later.

Tell me if I’m doing something wrong, I set the Y servo speed to zero, but it acts as if I haven’t done anything. Please help, it’s for a Banjo-Kazooie fangame :frowning:

For slowness up hills, try incresing the max/min force values whilst leaving the linV values the same. This should allow the servo controller to apply more force to achieve the desired velocity.

The collision shape should ideally have a rounded base kinda like a pill capsule or a ball stretched upwards to stop it getting stuck on sharp edges.

To stop your player sliding, try another servo actuator with linV set to 0 and force values set quite high (ie. min = -20, max = 20). This servo should be activated whenever the player is not moving (negative pulse mode?). To reduce the time taken to stop, increase the force values.

You might find that thread helpful.

Well, thanks to all of you! I managed to stop sliding using cray’s example (after you stop, you slide back about a milimeter for 2 seconds though, but no big deal…), and I managed to climb hills by increasing force… However, when climbing a hill and stopping, the character bounces up… any ideas?