A Simple Stag [WIP]

I’m going to make a Stag, but it’s going to be really simple. I’m going for a sort of elegant look though, so it’s not going to be boxes or anything, just smooth lines and no unnecessary shapes. It’s going to be the symbolic stag, The Stag, and it’s gonna rock. Here’s the head so far.

I expect to finish the project sometime in November because of College poop. I have to apply and everything, so it’s using up tons of my spare time. wish me luck.


looks great so far, but to really be able to tell post shots from a couple of angles, and since these are just wip shots and not final renders improve the lighting so we have a better idea of what the model looks like

All right, I’ve taken your advice to heart and I have figured out how to post screenshots of my work so far. Here is the deer with a different color, antlers, legs, and a body.


Not bad. Looks like you kept the loops moving smoothly and it has a good overall shape.

If you don’t want to take a screen cap you can use the “render window” button also. It’s to the right of the layer palette, then just save the render the normal way.