A simple sword


This is a simple sword (like the subject says :)) made with pure blender.
I know, it is nothing elaborate, but I will be happy to see your C&C…


for such a simple sword it looks great.

I love it, great shaders. I like the pink background too, looks like cloth.

Cool, very good, awsome :smiley: . Would like to see it against a scarlet red cloth :smiley: .

very nice. ive gotta finish my sword…

p.s. for a more metallic speculairity:


I like the simplicity of this sword.
It reminds me of elven swords, or perhaps even Narnia swords.

But the material could use some work.
Like maybe roughen up the specularity map.
Perhaps a little more around the handle, so it looks used.

Well, great as it is.
Would love to see it in a scene though, perhaps semi-drawn from a beautiful sheathe. :slight_smile:

i like the sword, and i like that fabric very much too! :smiley:

you should try to use ramp shader on the cloth to achieve a silk-like effect on the cloth

Awsome. Looks like a LOTR kind of sword. :wink:

Amazing what good lighting and good texturing, and a nice env. can do for simple models.

nice pic,the sword is nice,but i dont like the pink drapery.maybe makeing it red will add contrast.

Applying Fiber to the cloth might look kinda neat (along with the deep red hue mentioned a few times before).

A nice job with the modelling. I like the forged look. I like the point where the tang meets the quillions - the rounded edge is a nice touch.

Very nice for a simple sword. A question how did you do that cloth? I just wanted to know for this secene I’m trying to do.

I know, my reaction time is rather long. :slight_smile: But…

Thank you for all your good words. For those, who wanted the sword on red – Here it is:
– but I prefer pink.

P.H.Y.N.I.: There is a (very) delicate ramp shader on the pink cloth. So it is on the red one.

Vaccine0101: A .blend file with the cloth: http://kokos.umcs.lublin.pl/~jmbylina/rys/elysiun/tkanina.blend.gz
Use it on GNU FDL/GPL. :slight_smile:


Excellent render there JaMB!!

Very impressive texturing, I love your materials. Is this ray-traced?


It is ray-traced, with the blender internal renderer, 5 various lights, AO, OSA, and a very, very little postproduction in GIMP (Gaussian blur+scaling down).


looks great, and you’re right, it stands out better on the pink background.

I concur. Though the pink background to me says more of a females sword imho. The sword kind of gives that appearance as well. Very simple, yet a lot of style. Perhaps some leather wraps around the handle that appear worn. I think that with the pink cloth will offset nicely.

Great job!

Kinda wrong licenses for that (in terms of target and terminology), why not the Blender Artistic License?

This looks very nice. My two swords that I made are staying for my own viewing only, due to me finding out about a certain bug in blender AFTER I built the model a certain way…

I prefer it in red :stuck_out_tongue: