A simple texturing of this UFO

(LBJ) #1

I’m still new to blender and am not very good at texturing yet, so I’m asking for someone here who is skilled at textures to give this UFO a smooth, shiny silver metallic texture, possibly with a light blue pearlescent or tint to it. There is also a black ring below the windows.

The last photo in the series is what the Bob Lazar UFO/flying saucer supposedly looks like in real life. Please try to copy that as closely as possible.

It’s a pretty simple mesh, so it shouldn’t take long or be difficult.

Here is where to download the file itself. I uploaded a new one because I reduced the number of windows it had to 5 instead of 8, which is accurate.


(colkai) #2

Don’t use Blender internal, but cycles, so materials done in that. This should get you going. Layer 3 has a rough copy of your model but done with far few polys. Give you something to look at going forward.sportmodel01.blend (2.7 MB)

(LBJ) #3

Thanks! But why does it appear purple when I render?

Also, the spike at the very top of the craft is missing.

I uploaded a new version of the UFO with 5 windows instead of 8, could you please work on that one instead?

(John Tungul) #4

purple means missing image texture.

(colkai) #5

As Milkshape says, purple idicates I have used an HDRI for the world background and you do not have one loaded. As to the missing spike, you can take that from the original object. I’d suggest you maybe look at some Blender fundemental videos on youtube. Taking the work I did on the sub-division version of your model, you should very easily be able to figure out what to do. Also looking at the how the materials are assigned.

If you ask someone to constantly make every little change to something, you’ll never learn to progress. What I will do is a brief video showing how I went about it, so you can learn from that and start to develop your own skills.

(colkai) #6

I have done a basic video, I have not gone over every aspect in minute detail, but given an overview of both how to tackle this and some simple commands which can cover most of the basic modelling. I am currently uploading it, but may take a few hours before my slow broadband gets it done. Will post the link once completed.
Here are a few basic videos on my channel, but there are many very good full guides out there for getting to grips with Blender.
Basic Modelling Keys:


Model a quick table, (uses above keys):

(colkai) #7

Video is now up, hopefully it helps.

(LBJ) #8

Which HDRI were you using and where do I download it?

(colkai) #9

You could use any HDRI from HDRI Haven, the one I used was a small one of my own, but any will suffice.

Bear in mind the colouring of the HDRI will affect how your object looks, so I’d recommend downloading a few and seeing which you like.

(LBJ) #10

Okay, I downloaded an HDRI from there and it fixed the purple rendering, but how do I get the chrome effect to work? And how do I add a background?

(colkai) #11

Hmm, for some reason, the material setup is not right and the world setting is set to sky texture, not environment texture. I have added a blend here with the HDRI packed. Check Layer 3 or 4 for the model with the glossy material.sportmodel02.blend (5.3 MB)

(LBJ) #12

Thank you!