A simple tutorial for Sketch-Up arists

Some friends asked me to write a few simple tutorials about using blender to SU workaround. SketchUp is a fine modeler for architectural design but lucks on organic modeling and UV mapping. So their interest about blender is increasing rapidly. So here is the first part I did.

whoa! great tutorial! some impressive renders over there. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

I’ve also found 3ds to be the best format to export stuff from blender to sketchup, however, with more complex models that have a higher polycount 3ds can’t be used due to its 65k poly limit. In such case how do you export your models? Do you break your big model into smaller ones and export them as separate 3ds files?


nice tutorial not only for sketchup but for any organic import

exactly. Believe me you don’t want to import a heavier than 65K single mesh in SU.

If you have register in SCF then there is another tutorial, how from SU to blender.

>> whoa! great tutorial! some impressive renders over there. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
+1. Great stuff!
Also nice to see some stuff going towards Sketchup :wink:

Thanks makr.
There are great tutorials about this work flow. But these friends there, wanted a SU friendly guy to write this. lol
SU is famous for its friendly GUI. IMO this is not a good GUI, it spoils (lol) topology. But its very well documented. Blender has a superb GUI but its badly documented, things getting worse with v2.5 coming. I will not model in SU again, these tutorials are just an opportunity for SU people to learn some blender, that’s all.
Good computing means inputs and outputs to me. Blender is a true friend.