A simple wallpaper.

The resolution is not up to par… Mostly cause Servimg.com won’t let me upload big resolution pics. And the setting is pretty simple. With a little subsurfscattering on Suzanne and the lettering in same material as the monkey. 2 light setup.


The web address is off course to the Norwegian blender site.

Cool concept, but I dont like the color you gave to suzanne.

what other color would be appropriate?

That strange “dot” under ear looks like bug… what is it?

Think its a reflection from the lettering or something like that.

I dont know, yellow, blue, red, green, … flash colors :slight_smile:

flash colors? hmm. I think this is better of with subtle colors… Not screaming colors.

Not to hijack, but…



Thanks for the inspiration… :wink: Yours is cool as well!

chocolate… yummy… nice one.

Thank you. Gotta love the glossy reflections and soft shadows. :smiley: