A simpler life.

If you cannot imagine life away from your computer screen, don’t read on - or rather, please do. :wink:

Last month I decided that the internet was taking up way too much of my time, so I unsubscribed to my broadband connection. Figured I would then use my computer more sparsely, focusing on using it exclusively for creative things, rather than lurking around message boards all day long, taking part in pointless debates 90% of my waken time, downloading applications I hardly ever use, surfing for po… er, nevermind 8) I would also cut down the cost for my electrical bill substantially, since I basically have it running 24/7.
All fine thus far. Then, last week, 3 days before my broadband connection was up, the computer died on me. I should’ve been screaming and kicking, crying rivers like I was mourning a loved one, but I wasn’t. I just quietely acknowledged that I wouldn’t be using my computer for a while, and stored it away for the time being. I imagine it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to fix it up, really. I-just-don’t-care.
The result? For the last week I’ve miraculously found more time to do chores I rarely bothered myself with at home. You know, things your mom used to do for you when back in the glorious days of lazy, no good adolescence - basically cleaning, doing the dishes, making my bed. I’ve also started sleeping alot better. I go to bed at around 23:00 and wake up around 8:00 in the morning. I don’t wake up annoyed like I used to, except for the fact that there’s absolutely nothing to do so early in the morning. I feel I have more energy stored for my workout. I’ve started to pick up reading again, just listening to music, and I’ve even considered drawing again. And I’ve actually considered buying some flowers for my apartment :slight_smile: In short, I feel great.

Sorry if you thought this was a useless rant, but I just felt like sharing this with you. Obviously, I will be posting here alot less frequently, which some of you might applaud :wink: But I expect to be back in full force, and more creatively charged than ever, in a couple of months or so, when the temperature drops, and autumn rain returns. See y’all then! :smiley:

er, mid-life crisis?

i know a lot of people tell us computer nerds to get a life, but…

Bellorum is right. I had the same experience. You all should try it for a month. You have nothing to loose.

It’s good to know that you’ve escaped from the pointless surfing Bellorum, and that you’ve decided to enlarge your productivity. And your post isn’t ranting, it’s very nice to hear that someone is actually improving his lifestyle and feeling happy rather than meaningless constatations like “I’m bored…” or “What to do on the net??..”
I sincerely hope to see the results from your wise decision soon!

How did you post this? At the library?

Cool. You’ve realized that you can only be happy if you make it that way.

Except your virginity, perhaps?

Bussman: That was a good one.

Bellorum: Congratulations. I know I don’t use my pc much, compared to most people, but I want to use it even less. And now that spring is here, I’m outside most time. I’ve been building stuff with bamboo. Like blender, but real. :wink:

i did that before last year for like six months
just quit computer totally

i did more chores
went to more parties <-- might also because i have no car now

A good post Bellorum.

Which is making me think about my usual morning routine before work:

a rushed reakfast at 7:am til 7:10am, then switch on the computer thinking “Better check my email have a look at elysiun and have a look at cycling club website to see if anything important.” More often than not, no emails recieved, nothing needing read on the websites so I look at random stuff until about 7:45am, then shower, get ready for work then leave the house. at 8:15am.

So If I left the computer off in the morning, I could have half an hour of reading / or even take a slower breakfast, or a longer shower! :smiley: Or even have my breakfast a little later and do some stretches / tai chi / yoga type things.

Something I’ll try for a week.


Damn hippie :]

Glad to hear I’ve inspired you. :slight_smile: You’re morning sounds precisely like mine used to be, and I don’t go to work anymore due to stressrelated anxiety. :-? I think most of us need a timeout every now and then, when we allow ourselves some quality time. Work is stressful enough as it is - why do we stress out when we come home? Another good thing to do, is to make a checklist, enumerating the things you wish to improve about yourself, and the methods for reaching the goals you set. Here are some examples from my list, from the top of my head:

  1. Make sure the environment you live in is a healthy and positive one.
  • Take five minutes, a couple of times a day, to keep my apartment clean.
  • Buy some flowers and stuff to decorate with.
  1. Desire to learn something new every day. Exercise the brain.
  • Read at least one newspaper a day.
  • Read at least one novel a week.
  • Read some history every day.
  1. Keep my physical shape in peak condition.
  • Do some sort of exercise 6 times a week.
  • Do more yoga.
  • Eat 6 times a day.
  1. Socialize (Yeah, this one might sound funny:)
  • Say hi to at least one person you don’t really know every day.
  • Even if you don’t feel like it - smile!

And the most important thing - just because I have this list, that doesn’t mean I obsess about it. These are guidelines I strive to live by, not law.

I’d be a damned boring hippie, since I don’t do any drugs


chores, sleeping, excercise – what you do when rendering

music… always on, find online radio that suites your tastes.

reading - history etc… thats what off-topic forums are for!

flowers decorating - that’s what girlfriends and wives are for!

Maybe my job :slight_smile:

I work from home on my laptop. But this book has really helped me the past month.

This thread is diseased I tells you! I read it while on lunch at work, then I came home and go to turn on my computer. And what do I find? My computer had blown up as well. I must have caught something from this thread, it’s the only possible explanation! A hex on you Bellorum, a hex! :wink:

Seriously though, I’m not all that upset about it, just means I get to do more reading. Actually that’s a bit of lie, I’m a little annoyed that I spent so long getting Gentoo up and running, finally get it configured to my liking and then it up and dies on me.

If you used -mcpu instead of -march in your cflags, you could just pull the drive and recompile on another machine. Or just do what I did after a few years of hardcore Gentoo use, and switch to Debian :wink:

oh my god…my life is too simiar with you Bellorum :o

I can do that! :smiley: :wink:

No such luck. Meh, by the time I can afford a new computer, I’d probably want to start from scratch again anyway. Funnily enough, I was so close to installing debian but I decided to be adventurous and go with gentoo.