A site to upload my pictures

(deks) #1

Do anyone nows a site to upload my blender pictures so i can load it from there to here? It seems that it isn´t exist any way to upload my pictuers direct from my computer. And I have another question. Is it any swedish people here? It´s hard to write in English if it is a complicated question. MER SVENSKAR!!!

(BgDM) #2

For the web site, get yourself an account at a good free server. Do not use Geocities or Yahoo. Those suck huge. Tripod is not bad, but all 3 of the ones I just mentioned only allow you to “cut and paste” your link to you image. There is no direct linking.

As far as Swedish people here, I am sure there is. Check the directory list of members and see who there is.


(deks) #3

What do you really mean when you say cut and past? And where do i upload the pictures? And if it is some sorts of HTML code FORGETT IT! Im sucks on things like that.

(meestaplu) #4

The cut and paste thing means that for Geocities (one example) to display your image, you can’t link to it from an outside website. You have to type or paste the picture location into the address bar and load it that way. No clicking on hyperlinks, no referencing pictures using the image tag in “Post.” It’s basically no fun.

(joecool) #5

I suggest learning HTML. you can learn from www.htmlgoodies.com That’s an awesome site.
HTML is REALLY simple to learn. Bold Italic etc.
the tags aren’t hard to learn.

(joecool) #6

oh yeah, if you want to send me some of your pictures, I will host them on my site. or if you would want me to set you up a site at angelfire or tripod or something, I will.