A Skull

This is my second model in Blender. And my first “organic” one. :o

Please do review it. :smiley:


anatomy is very bad. before modelling a skull you should check how skull looks like.

well its a start tough… and not too shabby, sure anatomically not correct, but it can be all ways titled ‘demon skull’ :wink:

Anatomy isn’t too bad, unless you were going for stark realism with the human skull. Better composition and lighting, as well as an actual scene to put this in, would make the render 598393484 times better.

it’s ok for a noob, but i would recomend putting something under it so it can have a shadow and not just be floating. the main crit i have though is that you model the teeth, they are too flat as is. but keep up the work, and you’ll get it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wasn’t really going in for anatomical correctness. :wink:

I hadn’t really concentrated on the lighting. will do so in future renders.

@superkoop, about putting something under it, 10x for the idea. :slight_smile:


the teeth are part of uv-maped texture :stuck_out_tongue:

@Felix. Yes, The teeth are part of the uv-mapped texture. But the mistake I made was that, instead of modelling the teeth, I just made a couple of faces and mapped the texture on them, hence causing it to look flat. :o

bump/normal map(or if you have enough polys there, then go even with a displacement map ;))

pretty good for your second model. much better than my second model.

of course, setting up some reference images in the 3d viewport would help immensely with your anatomy, which is fairly inaccurate.

If you were going for lighting - the lighting on the skull certainly meets the criteria! I can easily imagine finding a home for this among a nest of other ‘objects’

i know, its just they arent modeled, or bump mapped, so they look flat. :yes: