A Skyrim Inspired Snowy Winter

Some behind-the-scenes stuff:

For texturing the landscape I exported masks generated from Gaea’s terrain information, and used those masks for Unreal Engne’s landscape texturing.

Here’s the trees and terrain in Unreal, without any of the snow on the leaves:

It looked nice but it isn’t what I wanted, so the snow was added to the leaf textures manually in photoshop:

I used the same technique for the leaves and grass, they’re alpha cards but with extremely tight geometry to avoid overdraw. Multiple transparent pixels overlapping each other is much more damaging to performance than additional polycount.

Unreal Engine has no problem with Shader Complexity even with dense grass, since there aren’t overlapping transparent pixels.

But tightening this geometry creates higher polycounts, which can be somewhat managed by LODs for everything.

I created billboards for the distant trees as well, which was surprisingly easy to do in Blender.

Didn’t bother with the dark colour of it too much because luckily in my scene I had so much fog I tweaked the overall texture in Unreal Engine to just have a blue-ish, white hue. So in the distance, it barely felt noticeable.

Years of love for Skyrim inevitably lead to making a winter scene.
Modelling for all the props - including the trees and grass were made within Blender. Used Blender’s sapling add-on for the tree, and a particle system with manual work for the placement of alpha-card branches/leaves on the trees.
The terrain was made with Gaea - the heightmap was imported as a landscape for Unreal Engine
The rocks were imported from the Unreal Marketplace’s megascans projects
Textures for everything from textures.com and cc0textures.com, the snow was added over by vertex painting for the objects, and for the leaves, I used photoshop to add snow over the original tree leaf textures themselves.
The soundtrack in the first video is “Tundra” by Jeremy Soule, plays when exploring Skyrim and brings back memories of happiness to me.


That looks really good. Only thing i would comment about is the falling snow, it just looks like falling white circles, kind of takes away from all the goodness you created in your world. Is the falling snow an Unreal thing or a Blender thing (ive never used Unreal) ?

Impressive! :blue_heart: :+1:

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Wow :astonished:

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It’s really amazing! I’m playing the game now :slight_smile:

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Amazing work!

Have you player The Long Dark? It’s also set in winter, the theme is the Quiet Apocalypse.
It’s a very atmospheric game and is probably one of the best games i have played.

Ah I agree! The snow is generated by Unreal Engine’s particle system. In-fact I thought about using a snowflake texture, but it turned out too intricate and was a fuzzy mess when it was in motion. So yeah, it’s simply a white circle actually, but it worked out better visually when in motion. :slight_smile:

It really is! The game completely absorbed me for a while. The atmosphere is so enchanting, Jeremy Soule’s music to the cold, starry, winter nights adventuring up snowclad mountains gah! I wish I could go back to that phase in my life I played Skyrim in… Takes me back to happiness :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I haven’t played The Long Dark since I’m not really into first-person games, or survival games xD But I agree it has some good stylistic visuals!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Video game development?
It’s alluring!

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Beautiful, beautiful work… Great job! :+1: Love the atmosphere!

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