A Slanted Question

I have recently overcome some mental hurdles regarding the use of Blender’s two-dimensional interface (the screen) and the three-dimensional models it manipulates. However, some questions remain unanswered.

The very concept of manipulating a three dimensional world using the screen remains a fuzzy concept.

Is it possible to have three windows open at once, so you can view your model from the X,- Y-, and Z-axes? I am so used to having only one view open (the default) that my mind is becoming closed to alternatives.

Forever learnin’…forever learnin’,
Bob the n00B

yeah, you can have as many indows as you like. Just float your cursor on the edge of a window and right click. Choose split window or something similar. You can set it up however you want it. afterwards, CTRL-U makes your current setup the default if I recall correctly.

Place the cursor in the 3d window then slowly move it to the bottom edge until it turns into a 2 sided arrow. Then right click and choose split from the popup menu.

Then put the cursor on one of the windows and set the view as you normally would. You can split the windows as often as you want, each on having whatever view you wish.

You can save your new layout as a screen if you wish.