A slave-gnome

(Detritus) #1

Hi folks!
For my movie-project codenamed “Vacuum”, I´ve made this little guy:




I´ve only colored him so that I would have a clue of what he´d look like when textured, that´s why he looks so “flat”. Crits and comments are welcome!

(digitalSlav) #2

not bad - the face reminds me alot of waternuse from monsters inc. nice start on some muscles there as well like neck area.


  • round out the face a little more so it doesn’t look flat in the side view
  • work on proportions a bit

texture this bad boy! :slight_smile:

(Detritus) #3

Thanks alot for the crits and comments, tmtechie! I´ll start editing him a bit as soon as I´m done with the homework (sometime about 2376 according to my calculations :wink: )!

But… 115 views an one reply??? What´s wrong with people? Or is it more “What´s wrong with this gnome?”?

Have a nice day!

(BgDM) #4

Don’t feel so bad. Go post it on CG Talk and get 1000 views without any replies. :wink: I have done that before.

There is nothing wrong with it. It looks good. The hands seem abit flat to me, but the rest looks good.


(Detritus) #5

BgDM: OK. It´s a liiiitle comforting knowing that´s it´s not only me… :-? And yeah, the gloves doesn´t look very realistic. They look like they were made out silly-putty, don´t they?

BTW, getting more replies (for example from you) is aslo veryy comforting! :smiley: