A Slice of Life

Awesome. I really like how the winter one almost looks like it was painted. Great :slight_smile:

great work, very creative!

Very nice! Beautifully stylized.
Is there some chance to see the other two pics?

Just follow the link

Great style, epic images!!!

amazed! i love the concept of your work!! keep up with work…

That is amazing, incredible work!

Amazing images…would love to know how you did the trees.

Very nice, autumn tells a story, who’s the owner of that canoe, and where he’s gone? :smiley:

I really like this style. Please show some tutorials.

Beautiful and very poetic, compared to most CGI cartoony art out there.

Very cool. Nice use of color, it really grabbed my eyes.

really amazing work !! i like it
but i’m really interested to see the complet render for the spring ?? and how you made leaves for the green tree please??

Absolutely amazing. The colors on this are magnificent!

Love the cartoon style on these. Vibrant and beautifull

Great concept! How did you make the tree?