A SlipKnot Question

My question is This I went on Slipknot1.com And BlackGoat.com And I see that there selling Slipknot shoe’s T-Shirts ect… But I dont really trust buying stuff online / through internet Any Slipknot Fans here that know if there are any stores that sell Slipknot type stuff ?

Store’s Around Vancouver , Surry , Or Delta << 1 of those’s Place’s ?

So far I only got all there albums And a couple more stuff :rolleyes:.

( I Am A Super Big Fan Of SlipKnot ) :cool:

Try your local “Hot-Topic”, or maybe a music store that sells band tees too.

But dude, this really isn’t the place to be asking questions about your favorite band. A music forum would be better for that.

BTW, Vermillion is an awesome song.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks but I think I been on this forum for a long time to know whats suppose to go in each topic. :slight_smile:
But your still right about asking it here since I know I wont get much answers towards this. :frowning: I will post this in a real music forum thanks for the idea man :wink: And ROCK ON !
my favorite song would be

The Nameless By Slipknot =) I think thats about it for today :stuck_out_tongue: Cya Everyone


Real metal > Slipknot

Heh. I was thinking of replying with a warning that many metal fans react badly to people who say they like bands such as Slipknot and Korn. Especially is the person happens to say something about them being (really) heavy.

Anyway, ‘Death’, careful where and what you say about your favourite band.

I guess your right. But I got my question answer so I am happy :smiley: I gotta start getting ready for school soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Comments like that are exactly what makes me ashamed of the fact that I too enjoy metal. Grow up.

I agree. I hate people who put other metal as crap.
i don’t see in what way the other metal are better than slipknot or any other METAL band

One cannot define a wide genre such as metal by naming a single band.
Yes, metal is a genre and is NOT a sub-genre of rock, though they are related (isn’t every kind of music related?).

SlipKnot rocks!
As a lot of other bands, i could name a few, but each person have their own favorite group(s).

Nothing’s “supposed” to go in the off-topic forum, but I don’t really think people want it spammed with questions about really random stuff. It’s not a rule, but it is common sense.

Real metal > Slipknot

As in, real metal is better, or slipknot falls into the real metal category?

=) lol I thought no one on this forum used Slipknot as there name I was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep slipknot dose Rock but other bands Rock Also depends on what people like.

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Sorry for the story but I needed to say it so people who have dogs to take good care of them =)


Sorry but I dont really agree since off-Topic means in other words anything.
And I dont think its spamming look at this thread I made a while back :


see how many people posted in that thread and non of them said its spamming and that was music also.

Spamming is basicly this (Example) :

Going into the game engine topic and posting (Non Sence)
Posting Non Sence And continue on posting the same thing over and over again untill you cant see the other threads

That is a good explaination of Spamming I believe.

Anyways Happy Blendering :wink:


Bah, people keep pigeonholing music into these categories, and it doesn’t make sense. Sure you are more likely to like a band if you like similar bands, but it isn’t necessarily the case. Hell, some bands I only like a few tracks from!

I like some slipknot tracks, for instance, but I really can’t listen to them for very long without having to change. I like some Dearly Beheaded and Pissing Razors (nominally called Death Metal), but some of their stuff is pap. I also like bands/ music that can be defined as Punk, Indie, Emo (heh, all music should be emotional), Classical, Pop, Rock, Metal (of various subgenres),Dance, R&B, Ska, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and more. The fact I like any one of these bands/ composers/ tracks/ pieces doesn’t mean I will like others in the pigeonhole, and in each genre there is a lot of stuff I don’t like.

Supporting genres of music is a poor and shallow thing to do, and as far as I am concerned there are only two categories of music: What I like and What I don’t like. And these have nothing to do with artist/composer/genre etc…

Alex (current favorites (according to amarok): Proxima Centauri: AtDI, Cello Concerto in E minor Mvmt I: Elgar)

Edited because there’s no point in starting a fight over lack of comprehension
This symbol > means GREATER THAN.

Slipknot is really really really really bad.

Here’s hoping everyone can understand that.

Good, because I really don’t care.

valarking: I don’t even know why you posted in here in the first place. cause if you start posting everywhere where there is somthing you don’t like… well good luck.

dose this go towards me ? or another blender artist membe ?

Death: no of cours not :smiley:

it is for valarking

I should have said it :rolleyes:

:slight_smile: Should have known sorry for that question :stuck_out_tongue:

it is my mistake. I was going to put the name but I fergot.

well anyway good luck finding what you want.
I don’t see where you could get it, exept specialized shops. I don’t know if it is the same in canada but sometimes in switzerland you can find band stuff at concerts, but it is mostly t-shirts tho.