A small animated web banner

I’ve just done my first animation in Blender and it’s for a website I’m putting together at the moment.

Basically, it’s just going to be an animated banner at the top of the page. I will convert it to .swf once I work out how without spending any money :D, but for the moment it’s in quicktime format.

I’m not really a graphic designer (you can probably tell), but this at least puts what was in my head on the screen, so in that sense it is a success for me. Whether what was in my head was worth anything or not is a different matter.

I’m happy to get some advice on how to convert the sucker into a nice compact flash format - especially advice that starts with the word “freeware”. :wink:

Anyway, here it is: http://energyxt.calebblake.com/xt2/files/logo.mov


put some motion blur on the opening arrow for an instant improvement. - bit jerky at mo.

Thanks for that.
I’ve added some motion blur. Hopefully that’s improved the jerkiness a bit.

Still open to .swf conversion suggestions.