A small/big airplane game

I have made an airplane game in which you can just control the airplane in a small world. I won’t post a link here, cos I don’t have a place on a server to place it (5 megs - mostly bcos of big textures).
here are some screenshots:

I’ve got a one lame question - how can I make a text before the start of the game - you know like “Pavcioo presents - airplane, press ENTER to start”?
i want the text to disappear after pressing a key. make a text a ghost actor and change its alpha to 0 when a key is pressed? help…

you could siply use different scenes, or overly scenes. check out the scene actuators.

Try to use textures in jpeg format and with a small resolution. And assign the textures with more tiling in the faces, this will increase the realism of the game, now the blocs appear to be too small and with this they will appear more bigs.
You can do the sky sphere more bigger to avoid claustrofobic scene.

Good game!

thanks for your support guys!!

i have 1 question…how did you do that skybox???

just a sphere with a sky texture:)

Nice screens, any demo or preview online? Btw one thing for all the people in here. Never use jpeg pictures. Why? … Did you ever saved a picture in lower quality for your game? Well open it in a paint program and zoom in, you would see huge amount of artifacts around things, like it’s blured or something else. Well ofcourse it depends on the quality you use to save it, but even with 100% it makes artifacts, and each time you open a jpeg file, edit it and save it on the same name, it reduces the quality by each save over.

What should I use then? Well use tga or png files, these file formats don’t make artifacts in your textures but reduce the color pallets which are custom able in some paintprograms. Like Photoshop with the save as web option. Tga has the option to compress the picture and save as 16, 24 or 32 bit, and png has the option to make alpha for transparant textures like clouds, halo’s and more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this info came up, when I saw someone saying use jpeg :P. Well I use this format only when I want to make a quick test, but most of the time compressed tga or png files. I’m also searching for a program that makes you able to reduce textures in tga or another formats into 64 kb files in 256x256 size or 512x512. I know it’s somewhere because I heared of it, but I didn’t found it yet. :frowning:

Looks like a good start for a game. You need to work on those textures though. It looks like you just took some photographs off the internet and slapped them on your objects with no editing at all. You should at least learn how to make an image seamless, here are a couple tutorials to get you started.

JD-multi raised some interesting points about technical details of textures, I would like to clarify a few things.

TGA and PNG:
TGA and PNG support 32bit (full colour,) and 8bit (256 colour) images. Both TGA and PNG also support a full alpha channel. TGA files can be compressed with RLE, PNGs have a better compression.

As for JPEG causing artifacts, that depends on the image type. Photographs compress with fewer artifacts than line drawings. Blender can also read 4 channel JPEGs (CMYK,) and use them as textures with alpha. For natually noisy images without too much saturation, (like most photographs,) high-quality JPEGs have almost no visible loss of quality, and have way smaller file sizes than TGA or even PNG.

Texture size:
All textures in OpenGL must have a width and height that are powers of two, (e.g 128, 256, 512.) If the image is not a power of two, Blender will resize it, but that makes it take a little longer to load the image.

Well, you’re totally right ;), But I’m not very good at texturing—>thanx very much for the tutorials, I will surely use them.