A small glass world (beginner)

just getting use to the basics any ideas would be great :eyebrowlift:


For one thing, I think that this should be in Focused Critique, if you’re looking to improve.
For your picture:

  1. I can see you’re trying to do the Cornell Box. The camera isn’t centered, and so the box is skewed to the left. Also, if you are looking to do the Cornell Box as it is intended, you need to take a look at the colors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornell_box
  2. The lighting needs work. From what I can tell, you are using one lamp central in the box. A good idea to explore would be radiosity. Radiosity can use light emitting meshes (like the plane at the top of your box), to light a scene, by calculating the way light would actually fall through the scene. Look for a couple tutorials on that. If you want to continue using traditional lamps, try putting a few low power lamps over the light plane, and giving them some soft shadows.
  3. The materials could also use some work. I would suggest using a default Oren Nayer shader on the walls, with a spec value of 0. Also try turning down the Gloss value on the glass orbs. That’ll give them a blurred glass look.
  4. It might not be a bad idea to try using Yafray or Yafaray, for caustics with the orbs.