A Small Intro Movie - Ugas-Daos Intro

Here is one of my old projects before I joined elysium. Its the only complete short movie I made with sound and music (which I can call complete). I might take iit up again someday and improve it.

You can download it here:


Give that concrete some texture!!
Also its suffering from some bad compression.

Also a spraying fountain is hard for even the pros to achieve, especially in blender. Wait for the fluid simulator before trying that. It’s not bad, but its not very realistic.

But I like the rest though. The lighting is good and so is the modelling. Perhaps make the long jetty thing not so long, and add a few more objects as well.

What’s it for btw?

Thanks. I forgot to mention that this was made 6 months ago (and I only used blender for a few months then).

  1. The concrete had a texture but due to the compression which stinks well it got lost. I have a better knowledge and I will see what I can do about it.

  2. There wasnt a fluid simulator when I made this movie. And at that time I probably wouldnt have understood how to use it… I have another idea on how I could implement it

  3. I will be adding detail to the jetty and other stuff. My modeling is much better that at that time (its pretty simple and straight forward :P)

  4. The movie was made for a Neverwinter Nights Persistent World I am a member of. www.ugas-daos.org

I am defenitely going to rework this old project of mine.