A small pistol

Hello all! i decided to model my first weapon. As it is a small one i supposed it would be easier:eyebrowlift2: The goal is to display a low poly model with a nice glsl normal map on it in the viewport.

I am still trying to back the normal map with mirroring without having those lighting problem. If anybody have trick about that, or even a crit before i finish…


its coming along nicely nice job but isnt that bottom peice pointed up in the reference pic?

very nice

a reference pic is mainly for getting an idea or outline of what your doing, you don’t necessarily have to follow it to a T…

oh ok i thought u were tryin to make it exactly :smiley:

Only suggestion I have is that where there is a different object, make a little crease/crack in the metal. For example, under the back part of the barrel there is a cylinder shaped mesh with it’s bottom like extruded down, but it just runs right into the rest of the mesh, looks like it IS one piece with it.

Nice progress! Keith is right, however I don’t think it’s a totally different object. It still needs a crease though.

Your were smart in choosing your weapon :slight_smile: no grips, which can be a real pain to make and bake, especially with all the artifacts you get from it sometimes (I get. Maybe i just screwing up).

Thanks all for your comments!

annoyer707 yes you are right i did’nt noticed it Actually this is not the reference i used, it is just a photo online. I think on this one the owner of the gun bent the little metal plate and inverted it…

on this one this is set up differently:

…doest anyone know how to reduce referenced photos???

AdobeMan you are true, as it is a real time model, it will not be very precise. But it is interesting that someone find details i did not noticed!

Keith M i will try to make creases in the gimp…

Sammaron yes i know what you talk about, normal baking is hazardous:D

I made my first attempt to bake normal maps. I m not really statisfied because there is some gourault style shading on some aeras. I dont know yet how to fix it. I tried by triangulating, but it don’t solve the problem.

I posted another image of the wire frame. It seems that the big polys create this error.


I fixed some of the strange distortions of the light reflexion.
I just generated the cavity map with xnormal… i think it fix some reflexion problem too.


The trigger is the only remaining problem. That is the only mirrored part, and if you look closely you will see that the shading is flipped horizontaly.
If you know about mirroring tengant normal maps in blender, your help is welcome, because it gives me headhaches!

Very nice work! Love to give a suggestion, but, frankly, can’t think of anything… :smiley:

can i se a render

Thank you ObsidianBlk!

Klorine you mean a render of the high poly model? ok will do it next time!

in the mean time here is a interactive capture of the gun while loading a bullet. I added some texture but i am not yet satisfied with the “crease” pass.

here is a render of the gun, Klorine.


can i see in the high poly one, how you made the transition on the grip (right by the trigger) from curved to straight so well. I modeled a gun once and it had that exact transition but i couldn’t make it nearly as well as you.

i m sorry to deceive you Fish_Fly3r, but it is all simply separated bits of mesh and not a continuous one. I did not spent much time on the high poly because the goal it to bake a tengant texture…
You are right! transition between straight solid and curvy is a pain!

Very nice Liberator pistol (the name of it if you didn’t know ;)). The textures might need a bit or reworking, I personally wouldl ike less grunge on it than you have atm but its up to you.

Well i learned it was called liberator recently (by making reference research), but it is funny and amazing that you just recognize it on the fly!
I ll check what you say about the texture, maybe i should desaturate the rusty color a bit, and reduce opacity of the “grunge” layer…

I really enjoyed making game weapon, so i think that i am going to make a bigger one soon. I think of p90 even if it is less original…

I have a page or so on it in my WW2 weaponry book. I can scan it for you if you want info on the gun. About the only picture it has is the one already posted above.
Also, I’m a gun nut so I can pretty much name any gun anyone posts ;).

yes, i m interrested in additional doc about the gun if you have!