A small problem with making new objects

Well for me it seems like a big problem but it seems like it would have a simple fix.

I have one object in my scene, a cylinder. Whenever I make a new object in my scene, say a cube, it’s never treated as its own object. It will be named cylinder and will not show up as cube in the top right window.

They are not independent objects. They move together, they select together, etc.

Hi Composer, this doesn’t happen, when you are in object mode. But if you add new objects (meshes) in edit mode, you add the meshes to the mesh you are currently editing. This way they will be treated as only one object. So please check if you are in edit- or object-mode.

Perhaps you provide a screenshot, if that doesn’t help.

If you make a mistake and add in edit mode, no biggie, ctrl+z to undo and add again in object mode.
Other thing you can do is to select the part and press P to separate. If you want to make all unconnected parts as separate objects, no need to select, just press P and choose “separate by loose parts”.

Many thanks. It seems a lot of stuff in blender is context sensitive.