A small significant request

A real serious lack I find in Blender is the inability to display wireframes in colors.

Perhaps I missed the right way to get it; if it’s so, please, somebody could suggest me how to do.

If instead I’m right, I beg developers to make it possible,
It’s so important when you are in wireframe view to be able to distinguish, in a mess of lines, which object the several edges belong to.


There was an addon made for this, but I don’t think it works with the current version of Blender and the developer disappeared. http://www.pasteall.org/23192/python

The code would have to be updated to work, but I’m no python person.

I would Ton here giving me an help to carry on my current work, ten minutes later he would agree for a change.

I will look for some script solution around, thanks for the tips, anyway I think such featur should really be a standard in trunk, Developers, please, think again.


EDIT: Thank you Zalamander for the link, in that thread is pointed out the question very well, and it shows that it is a real issue.

@ajm, thank you, I have tried that script you linked above to but it doesn’t install on 2.64.


SebastianK and I talked about possible ways to have layer color but keep the wire colors from becoming a visual mess — so you can still know what you look at by color.

We came to the idea that the active layer *(blender has an active layer, its just not really exposed to the user), Could draw a different color.

Heres the patch

This all sounded nice, but after testing for a bit I think he wasn’t convinced this is the way to go.

An alternative is to have a new draw mode where objects can be colored how you like, so this wont conflict with existing wire draw mode.

Thank you ideasman42 for your answer.

From the my little understanding and from what i would like for my working, I think the ‘alternative’ would be perfect.
Where it becomes fundamental to distinguish objects is in editing mode, given that also the active mesh is black as the rest.