A Smoke Grenade Animation

This is just a little something I played about with to try get acquainted with the smoke simulator. The model didn’t take me too long to make. I messed up at the start with the smoke simulation. The smoke that was coming out of the emitters was far too thick and chunky for the smoke grenade model and looked silly. So silly me, scaled everything up massively. Obviously I got the same problem. Sorted that problem when a very helpful person gave me some pointers.

To get the effect of the smoke being forced out of the nozzle, I used a half sphere and emitters. The emitters themselves had a very short life span, around 10-20 frames I’m sure, but they also had acceptable force on the Z axis. This and a slight random direction effect gave me a pretty good looking “spray”.

Render time took me about a week (I think). Each frame of smoke took around 20-25 minutes. The full animation is 500 frames. I think I still need to play around with my settings to get faster renders without compromising the quality. I edited it and added in some sound effects with music.

Hope you all enjoy!
As always, thank you for your time! And remember, I’m still a blender noob :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello there, I am a beginner in particle simulation and my current project requires the same smoke effect. So can you create a video or send me images of your smoke settings.

Hey dude nice job! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m creating a molotov (inspired on CS GO) and now I’m inspired too to create a smoke grenade, and maybe the flash grenade for the complete kit, who knows? :blush:

The only thing I missed in the video was the sound of the smoke effect, if you had put it on the video would be perfect, anyway it’s an amazing job, congratulations :wink: