A smooth blade edge?

I was working on a knife the other day, and I didn’t know how I could make the sharp edge of the blade be smooth without the angular faces on it evidently showing. Apparently, when I try to make a edge without a tip, it works fine, but when I make one with a tip, which most knives have, it turns out like (see pic below), and I can’t figure out how to make a smooth edge WHILE retaining the “sharp” look (I’ve tried subsurfing and smooth, yet they make the blade look rather dull).

You might have to look REALLY closely (sorry the pic is small), but the faces on the edge are evident, and give the model a “unprofessional” look (although I’m not, obviously).

Try smoothing it then give it an edge split modifier this should work, let me know whether it does or not.

Set all polys on your blade to smooth shading.
In Edge select mode, select the desired edges CTRL+E and ‘Mark Sharp’
This will have no effect until you apply an ‘Edge Split’ modifier from the ‘Object Modifiers’ tab.
Deselect ‘Edge Angle’ and choose ‘Sharp Edges’

Awesome tip aomeoni

Thanks a lot for the help. Sorry for the late reply.