a snowflake's chance in hell...

I may have a “a snowflake’s chance in hell” of winning :wink: but here’s my entry for the weekend challenge, hey with a real thumbnail too :smiley:


In case you’re wondering, the theme for the challenge was “when hell freezes over.” Hope you like it. I had a “damn” good time making it :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! Good job! You might win this one! Blahblahblah! Etcetcetc! Yapyapyap!

Doubtful, but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


I assume this used the new ray tracing feature. The reflections and slick look of the ice and snow are very well done - especialy the ice on the floor. So, good material work.

The devil creature is strange, and funny. Good work.
Best of luck with the challenge.

Thanks! Yes, I did use raytracing. I played around with the reflection depth too. The raytracer is amazingly fast (as compared with others like povray and yafray), especially given how many vertices/subsurfs are present. I also used my crinkle python script along with smoothed fractal subdivision to get more variations in the ice. The more wrinkles present, the more complex the reflections tend to get, so that often leads to interesting results :slight_smile: