a socket related question

okay, I have now made a server that can accommodate a dynamic number of connections at the same time, my server now works much like an mmo server, it is only done in python and has nothing to do with the blender. problem with my server is that it is slow if I send too much data to it. Therefore, I wonder now if it is possible to have started two different servers at the same time and has two sockets that are bound to different ports om the same machin?

Is your server by any chance using the ThreadingMixin and running lots of python code for each connection? If so you might want to try the ForkingMixin instead, as you won’t be slowed down by the GIL. See here: http://docs.python.org/py3k/library/socketserver.html

has nothing to do with the blender

Perhaps try stack overflow or some of the other forums? You might have a better chance of getting a solid answer quickly

I’ll tryed there to, but no worry, I think I solved my problem :slight_smile: