A Sopwith Camel

Not finished yet. Some problems with textures and a few modelling issues. Some of it I am guessing, due to lack of real good reference and me needing to learn a thing or two about aviation modelling (ww1). Still learning Blender in general. Anybody an expert on WW1 aircraft here. Crits please. Blender internal. Not yet got to grips with Cycles.


Model’s looking good, so are the materials apart from the propeller. Of course, maybe that’s just the way this thing looks, but it seems strange to me.

Thanks. Yes maybe look again at the prop.

looks really good. There are some issues with the texture, the airforce roundel, for example, isn’t round. Not sure how you’ve unwrapped it, but the entire side of the fuselage could just be projected from a side view which might help.

There seems to be something odd going on with the wheels, that looks like faceting, in the first image. Of course if that’s intentional ignore what I said.

But really nice

I think what your issue is with the rims is you might have used a cone or merged all the verts from your circle into a point. Don’t do that LOL. Maybe adding in a couple of loop cuts will help with the issue. Compared to the rest of the textures, the propeller appears to clean. Other than a few texture tweaks I think it looks pretty good so far.

Are you wanting someone nit pick the air craft itself? My dad is a HUGE airplane nut, and if I asked him, would likely be willing to advise you of what is missing if anything on the air craft itself.

Yes thank you. Any advise and crtique would be good Leebert. Even if it hurts. It’s the only true way I am going to learn about the subject and 3d in general. Thanks to everyone who took the effort to have a look and contribute comments .

BUTTS, you have made a really good model!
What’s more important, your textures are carefully applied, the dirt seems quite good (although you have applied it only on some of the surfaces, isn’t it?)
I also make airplanes in Blender, but from the II WW period. However, look at my site, maybe you will find there an useful add on, or a good tutorial on a particular subject…

Many thanks Witold. Tried to look at your site, but only homepage will display normally. All other pages are just text. Could be something wrong with my pc of course! But thought I should let you know in case.

Thank you. It may be the effect of the underlying technology… This pages use XML transformations and were tested with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. What browser type do you use?

Sorry Witold. The fault is with me. I use Firefox and I have the option to run or not run scripts when entering a new site. I had it turned on to stop scripts running. Think I am just getting a little senile in my old age. Good site by the way. Kep it going.