A Space Game - Star Wars + Star Fox (update! video)

:smiley: Hi!
This is another NEVER FINISH WORK.
I’m start games but never finish all.

Well, I try! :rolleyes:

Check! the images

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPe2zxkvgoY (video)

:stuck_out_tongue: I have troubles with collisions, need to practice and study. :smiley:

Some Targets (canons, tanks) and explosions! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks cool :slight_smile:

That looks pretty good, you should continue your work on it = )

Great graphics for the Blender game engine, Yes continue work, show what the game engine can do in the right hands.

It reminds me of star fox’s ship.

Nice looking game. Reminds of Rebel Assault, the original. I loved that game. Broke 3 joysticks. It was so nearly impossible, and then they made you go 3 levels before you would get a password. You should make it nearly impossible like that. Give only a slight choice in height, just enough to dodge things. That was so great.

I once beat the last level that was part of the story in Rebel Assault with a Y-wing. My brother, who liked using X-wings and the Millineum Falcon was like “you used a Y-wing?”

It reminds me of star fox’s ship.

Yep it’s a copy of the ship, make in blender (by myself!).
I use the ship for a game project using ogre3d.
Can you see the original topic in a latin american community of blenderheads (old - Niel - Blender forums).

That months ago.
Some images of that:

RCRuiz make all the code to ogre3d (he make the blend2pov), is a fan of ogre3d :-D, that game uses sockets for play in network, so far we tested using the internet connection.

Well I know a little how write programs (delphi, tc++,asm), but nothing of python. Im still learning this language, so I go slowly on this game. sorry

working… :smiley:
I need learn more english too, sorry guys XD

Good job, it’s look very cool!

It reminds me a old game that I did with Blender(as you, I never finish it :)).

If you would see it: http://spsteam.wikispaces.com/ Is the FZero style game.

Lookin’ Good! Fox on the Deathstar :stuck_out_tongue:

keep up the good work!

you have to finish this…it just looks too sick.
A space theme is something I havent seen in a while so im waiting on you

I make a small video with CamStudio :smiley:

mmm… looks better in youtube.com

Sorry for the low fps, but this Intel video card on the PC in my office sux! :o

You can see, the low speed and the super speed hehehe…
Shooting, flying, etc.

Thanks for the C&C!

well guys, maybe this night I put some turrets.

Nice i like the vid!! thats cool in super speed :smiley:

I would like to help on this project in any way I can. :slight_smile:
WARNING you got a pm

you work fast and your very productive…keep up the good work


Some test of turrets. :smiley:
I have troubles with the NEAR logic brick :o

Testing, learning. :stuck_out_tongue:

awsome…the background looks cool but I cant tell what it is??

I would like to help on this project if you want me. I pm’ed you.