A Spaceship [WIP]

A model inspired by and loosely based on The Hermes from The Martian. Created with various parts of greyoxide’s Shipyard V0.7 as well as several modeled pieces of my own. I haven’t put any work into texturing/materials or composition of the scene yet as I’m still refining the model itself.

All images rendered with 1000 samples in Blender Cycles. Rendered with a NVidia GeForce GTX 970.

I’ll try to post updates as often as possible. Feel free to share what you think :slight_smile:


Love it so far… Only critique i have is the little plane thingies sticking out(not sure what they r called) need a little more detail

Thanks for the critique HK! I’m currently in the process of adding more refined detail to the entire ship.

The main changes are:
Added cylindrical support structure around centrifuge
Modeled fuel tanks and fuel lines
Re-modeled solar panel connectors
Modeled thermal radiator panels
Added lots of little details to various parts of the body

Both images were rendered at 1000 samples

Here’s a rough render of what I’m thinking of in terms of composition for the final scene. I still haven’t worked on any materials for the spaceship itself. I’m planning on eventually adding stars and an atmosphere to Mars.

I’m not really sure what kind of material node to use to create an atmosphere. My best guess would be to mix a diffuse and transparent node and then plug a fresnel node into the factor so you only see the material at the edges of the planet. Does anyone have any tips for creating an atmosphere material?

Today’s render (1000 samples):

It look great with that background. It has a 2001 smell…

oh wow! lovely detailing! great job so far! :smiley:


I really like it! ALthough I would use a completely black sky background, when having a good exposure on a spaceship of planet, stars and nebulae won’t be visible.

About the atmosphere: There are some very elaborate volume shaders here on the forum. I found them to work very slow, so I tried a bit simpler ways and found this to work well, but you don’t have a color gradient from blue to red:


Thanks for the awesome compliments Pisto and Guss!

Thorsten, thanks for the advice on the stars and the help with the atmosphere shader. The planet looks great with your material node setup, the atmosphere is very subtle yet still noticeable and realistic. Here’s a render of the planet with the updated atmosphere:

Rendered at 1000 samples

I also started working on some of the materials for the spaceship itself:

i like it so love the detail keep going good work