A Spaceship

I had posted 2 other threads about me making a spaceship and neither got any good feedback.
so i decided that i was doing something wrong and i went and made up some designs for a ship
This is literally in the design stage so it would be great if anyone could help me with how to make the designs better or even help make a new design
Here it is:

Thank you for your time.

For starters, you could have kept your NMS spaceships in one thread.
You’re not going to get much feedback unless you give people something to compare your model to. The concepts you drew is a good starting point but it’s still a long way to go since they lack perspective detail. Look up “point perspective drawing”.

Your’re right i should have kept them in one thread but at the time my pictures were not uploading unless i made a new thread each time so i had to
I didnt think of adding a perspective drawing but iwas going to add a front side and a top down veiw

Thanks to bloodhound for giving me some tips
i tried a perspective sketch