a special Blenderpage for you

please take a look on my only for Blender Stuff created Website. You will find some pic’s and Anim’s.

Sorry, this page is german language only.

:smiley: Have Fun , Thuro

I really like the jet.

not bad, the jet is good.
es gibt übrigens auch ein deutsches forum. :wink: siehe signatur

LOL, I understand parts of that. “german forum” and “signature.” :smiley:

nice works don’t got much time to try and crit on much though I got to go out.
(ughh i really gtta learn german)

LOL, I understand parts of that. “german forum” and “signature.” :D[/quote]
I know some German… Mostly swears… and cat, thunder, lightning, crack, bang, and a few others…

I dont want to teach you in german language . I only intend to enjoy you with my pic’s and anim’s, because i think Pic’s have no language. Thanks for the information about the german forum , i will post some german things in that G.F.
“please excuse me my bad english”.

I only see a red page :stuck_out_tongue: … using mozilla 1.6/windows … ummm ???

Did’nt test the page with mozilla, only MSIE or Netscape or Opera.
:frowning: sorry , but i will work on the problem … Thuro

For all, who cannot open my Page the Picture of my F16 :

Gruss und willkommen, das bild finde ich sau gut. Also, hast du das neues terragen gesehen? Es macht besser render als die alte. Shau mal im Python and Plugins, fur ‘Ter2Blend’, eine gutes plugin, das gibt auch eine neues version.

kewl sight. I’d enjoy more red/yellow in the afterburner thoguh … and … well, it shames me to ask this as I thought I had my eye trained … are the background mountains pic or rendered? I mean the look roguh-ish to me, like a low res picture … but still it couldn’t be that as the floor is too nice …

Of course, the background is rendered with terragen. I have a 30 sec Animation with a flight trough the Canyon (very realistic, but i 'm working on a better realistic afterburner), build with Blender and “ter2.blend” :smiley: (special THANKS for that excelent script) :frowning: but the file is to big for my present webspace this time. i hope that i can put the file (about 15MB) for download on my new webspace perhaps next week. I will post a message for that purpose. Here are a few Pictures of the anim:
Best Regards from a snowy Vienna…Thuro

Hey, my HP works now :smiley: with IE and with Netscape too.