A Special Bond

“Its a special bond that spans the years”

Rendered with Blender 3.1.2 with Cycles. Made using Botaniq, Vegetation, Scatter5 and Quixel Megascans.

I went through different lighting setups until I landed on the final setup and I’m pretty happy that I took time messing around with the lighting instead of posting what I had at the start.

Post processing is a huge part of my process in creating artworks. Sometimes I feel like I rely too much on it. But it’s been working so far.

Hope you guys like it.

My socials: https://lynkfire.com/louixlin


Very good job! I love the atmosphere and lighting!
:orange_heart: :blender_logo_64_png:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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that is a beautiful piece! love the light, comp, colors and storytelling. The nature elements are very well setup and feel natural. May I make a small suggestion regarding the readability of the image? If you allow me I would like to make a quick edit to illustrate my thoughts

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Thank you. Yes, go ahead :blush:

Honestly, I like the raw render more than the post processed render.

To my eyes, the post processed image has too much contrast, which dissolves subtle detail and depth of field present in the raw render.

:dog2: :palm_tree:

Hahha I see what you mean for sure. Thanks for this.

My thought process behind post processing is to get more attention first glance. The raw render didnt have much vibrancy as well according to my taste. If you see the vegetations, they were more desaturated in the raw.

But I really appreciate the input, maybe in the next I could tone down a tad :slight_smile:

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All right cool here is my feedback with a quick edit.

At the moment the subject, the dog, of your image blends with the nature elements and the focus of the image is not clearly defined. My eyes are drawn to the wooden planks on the wall. I can see that you faded them already, which does help to make them less important, but in my opinion, the readability could be improved.

Just 2 tweaks would make a big difference imo. Edit on the left, original on the right:

  1. There is an opening in the leaves in your image already, which is a good opportunity to let light through and illuminate the dog. This does not only look visually appealing but also allows us to focus on the subject and separate it from the nature elements. To have it match the light direction in your scene I moved the leaves opening to the left.

  2. Fade the wooden planks a little more. The sharp lines and high contrast with the sharp shadows draw the eyes too much and need to be faded a bit more imo.

what do you think?

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Wow, great art. Nice feeling and composition. :framed_picture:

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Mate, first of all, I’d like to thank you for the time and effort you put in for the feedback. It’s really hard to see these things as you create and stare at the same artwork for so long. But getting those feedbacks from other artistic and talented people like yourself is THE KEY into improving in the future. I really appreciate it. Love the rays, highlighting the dog. It’s perfect.

I’ll keep these key features in mind for the next work I do. These have helped a ton. Much love.

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yeah that’s for sure. very happy my feedback was useful to you! have a nice day

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Hello Folks,

Here is the “Behind the Scenes” article of this enchanting piece of art!

Do check this article written by the artist himself. It describes the process of making the artwork step by step and you also get to know the inspiration that led to the making of it.

Alina Khan
Editor at Blender Nation