A special case of texturing?


I am new to this site and I currently learning blender ,
I like working on video games so here is a project of mine that I need help with , its a starfighter :
So , you see those red lights that I’ve set their material to emission? I want to make an effect that goes like in this video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_qzlPj6nEM Its from a game named The zone of the enders 2
The part I want you to look for is at 7:10 ~ 7:16 , can you see the light that runs throughout the orbital frame?
I have been thinking how to go about this , is it an animation of a light source? is it particle effect?
How can I make something like that that repeats at set intervals within the a game engine.

Also another question , cycles render or blender render for video games , does it matter , Cycles definately is more powerful with the materials.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know too much about the game engine.

But the effect I see there is merely an animated texture. (say you’re using cycles, it’s an animated texture with an emission shader overlayed on top of the normal texture. (using an “Add Shader” most likely)

This tutorial might help with animated textures in the game engine:


Thanks , I will check it out.

You gave me an awesome idea , I also found a tutorial for animating UV textures and this is as close as I can go right now.

I will make the original emmision a lot less bright and I will try to animate another shader on top that is brighter , thanks again.