A splash video

Hi everyone. This is sort of a splash I plan on using for a short I’m planning which will probably be finished in say 2years from now :wink: (See my signature for the main character).
Anyway I don’t consider it done but I have tweaked it so much in the last few days that I can’t see the woods because of all the trees (sorry German idiom). I have stumbled across certain problems in the sequence editor (why is there no mix mode like in the compositor for adding two channels?)
and changed the overall feel quite a lot.
Anyway here is the link to a Xvid encoded AVI: http://www.bettsockentraeger.de/logo.avi
So what do you think?

I like it, looks good. A suggestion- have the four blocks rotating at different speeds or maybe the same speed but starting from different angles for each one. ( or maybe both). You know, represents different parts coming together to make a whole…:eyebrowlift:

I know what you mean. It’s one of the things bothering me the most that they are totally in sync at the beginning.