A Spy Is Caught

Hello, forum dwellers!

This is most certainly not my first image created, but it is my first to be posted here.


Created and rendered in Blender, and just a pinch of post-processing in Paint Shop Pro 8.

(if you want a wireframe, you’ll have to ask for it)

C&C is welcome.

Heh. Nice spin on the old shiny-chessboard cliché. 8)


LOL that’s funny :).


Hehe yea lol, repeat b01c.

Sry, I got a dead pic.

[email protected], block01cube and Raseri: Thanks :D.

Fonix Wircs: Should work… did you try a refresh? Does it just not load the page, or only the image?

It goes to a new page but all i see is a dead pic icon nothing else.