A SSS tutorial and source code link.

(Also posted to blender.org)

Found this on CGtalk.com:
Sub surface scattering tutorial + source code from the Renderman Academy site

(I can’t attribute the link as I have accidentally closed the tab with the forum thread in. Suffice to say it’s a relatively new post, and you can look it up on CGTalk.com)
[edit: found link: http://cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=194310]

It’s a tutorial + sourecode on implementing Subsurface scattering in Renderman+Maya. I hope that this can be helpful to whoever is trying to get subsurface scattering to work in blender, as this is apparently a fairly decent ‘finished’ example and will help point out all the API hooks needed to implement. (not to say that the SSS renders I’ve seen here aren’t good, just that I thought it would help… :wink: )


looks intersting. i just skimmed the article, i’ll read it more thoroughly later. i hope too that it provides useful for some ingenuitive blender user or developer. from what i saw, it’s using a depth map (z buffer?) to guide a one bounce raytrace. there’s reaytracing in blender now and in yafray. there’s got to be a way to get this effect in our tools. sss isn’t the cat’s meow but it would be nice to have and would probably lead to more innovation in blender shaders.


a real hardcoded rib export function and with thetool blender would have access to one of the most powerfull renderengines.