A star

I was trying to render a star, and was hoping I could get some help…

This is what I have so far:

I just made a sphere of smoke in the smoke sim, and added a light turbulence field, then added a bunch of fog glow…I’m not really happy with the result, how else could I go about making a star/sun, or how could I tweak what I have?

thanks for your replies.

Nice effect. Which tool did you use to create the effect? The only comment I have is the scale of surface feature and simulation of brightness.

Surface feature needs to be lot smaller. Sun is huge you know. Colona and ejecting surface particle scale seems ok.

As for brightness that’s a hard one. You cant see solar surface detail if you really raise the brightness. Published solar images are taken with filters. A quite opaque one at that! You wont see any space background with filter like that.

alright, this is my second attempt:

I tried to make it look a bit more realistic, by taking out the background, adding more detail, and changing the colors around.

better or worse?

I think the first one was a little better. The second one has that big white blotch in the middle that doesn’t quite fit in with the yellow surface. 'Bout the only thing I would have changed in the first is to make the star a little less transparent. Other than that, quite a “stellar” result.

alright…how about this one:

I thinks this one is probably better than the first two. yes?

Actually, I think the second one was the best. How did you do it? Is it a volumetric sphere with the smoke sim for the flares?

yea…I think the problem is that this is so subjective.

take a look at this: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/10/the_sun.html
the sun looks different in almost every picture, because it just depends on the filter used and the amount of sun activity.

and to ss, the whole thing is a smoke simulation. its just a uv sphere with a whole bunch of static particles in it as inflow for the smoke, and a small turbulence field. all three were done using the same smoke simulation (well the first one was a lower resolution) but different shading…

Nice result. For me I think the smoke flow should be a lot slower, those a huge distances.

I think I prefer the second one.

IRL the sun is basically white. Or, that’s how our eyes see it. Photos of the sun are always false-color and/or highly filtered.

That said, I think your sun is too transparent! You can’t see through the surface of the sun, only some of the less dense gases above its surface. Your smoke sim is also moving way too fast. IRL those flares and gases are thousands of miles across or more. The motion of a flare or gas outburst in a timelapse movie is over hours or minutes, not seconds.

This tutorial is awesome.

http://www.rkmusic.info/avatar3.jpgI tried to make it look a bit more realistic, by taking out the background, adding more detail, and changing the colors around.

I would think outside the box… or star in this case. I’d see what you couldn’t do with more heatwaves, or blooms and flares. I’m not sure how you’d pull of a lens flare that would totally blow out your frame, BUT do think it would be awesome if you incorporated one somehow.

Great stuff!

maybe have a lens flare that takes up most of the screen but as we fly past the star we’re able to see all the details of the star. A similar effect was done in Steven Hawking’s Guide To The Universe in which the frame went from all white and gradually applied ND filters till we were able to see the sun’s surface.

lol my main point is that the star itself looks totally fine.