A starry night, a flat reflective ocean and

Hi all,

I need help to create the following scene and I can pay $100 USD

Night time in middle of a flat calm ocean, no land in sight anywhere. Galaxy/star filled sky that reflects on the water like a mirror. A wooden canoe or row boat on the water which is being paddled slowly by a white teddy bear. I want to create the effect that the bear is sailing/paddling through the stars so a light ripple on the water as the boat travels through would be nice. Hoping someone can create this for me so that I can import this into my own blender and create the camera angles and tracking that I need myself. I will have some closeups of the bear face in my shots so if he really looks like a white furry teddy it would be great.

Hoping someone can help me with this :slight_smile:
Thank you all.

Hello, I’ve sent you PM. Please check it out

Hi There,

I have sent a PM. Please check and contact me in [email protected].
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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