A stereo-3D compositing problem: Stuck on one frame

I attached the blend file that gives the error. Basically, the compositor doesn’t work. While the separate scenes render, the output is stuck on the first frame rendered. I didn’t have this problem in 2.56, but it happens in 2.57.

Blend here, since the forum uploader hates me

Try setting the render output to a different video codec or an image sequence.

It’s stuck when rendering, as in: I can see the two scenes rendering, but the final image is the first image to be rendered during the session, or when I reconnect the scenes to RGB separation nodes. I have also tested an animation without compositing, from a new file - and it also didn’t render properly. Image sequences, movies - nothing works.
Surprisingly enough, everything works in Blender 2.56a - so it’s probably a bug. If it is, it’s a darn big one!

I have been using the compositor from variopus scenes feeding into the VSE and have not found frame updating to be an issue. Windows release that is.

Maybe it’s just the linux version that got it?