"A Still Life"

I’m fourteen and fairly new to Blender, and I’ve been taking quite a few tutorials lately and now I’ve created my first full creation by myself. It’s not all that great but I hope you guys will like it. Sorry about the quality, I uploaded by Photobucket.com. :wink:

“A Still Life”

Hey, Welcome :slight_smile:

I think this is quite well done for a first creation :slight_smile:
I especially like the hidden chess pieces ;D

welcome BA ,
nice work for first days …you have to use some textures they will look great and try giving the cup some more reflection .

Pretty good first piece! Keep practicing!

Thanks, glad you like it. The reflection of the chess pieces is meant to be a hint at what I’ll be working on next (i.e. a chess board complete with its arsenal). I’m hoping to almost always put little hints like that in my pieces. :wink:

Thanks, I will. :yes:

OK I’ll work on that and hopefully get another image up soon.