a stop script,script?

Well here’s my problem, a friend and I are making a game and we have a menu and a script to make the mouse show up, but when you click play the “mouse show” script is still there and it stays centered in the screen, so it is very annoying in the screen shaking around and not to mention when we have a gun it would cover up the cross hair. So is there anything I can do about it?

P.S. The script is the one that goes

import rasterizer


or something like that, I have it right in the blender file, but cant look at it at the moment. Thanks.

When you click “play”, hide the mouse:

if playIsClicked:
    from Rasterizer import showMouse

Also, the showMouse() function acts as a switch, so there is no reason to keep “flipping it” once you have it in the wanted position - so to speak.

In other words, a showMouse(1) statement should be in an “init” block, to avoid (what are in most cases) redundant calls…although, that’s just me “nitpicking” since it doesn’t effect performance in any significant manner.

Either way, I thought it would be prudent to mention.