A story of cork

My recent project - a design of 80 msq apartment in Warsaw, Poland for private client.
Modern interior with cork box. Inside the box there is a bathroom. More visualizations soon. For now those 4 vis.
Credits: Kitchen apliancess, carpet, plants, stool chairs, shoes are from chocofur.com.
All made in Blender 2.76.1 and Cycles. Minor postpro in Photoshop. Each render took about 4 h to render. 1600-2500 samples.C&C are welcome.


and some more


You did a very good job, i like your interiors.
The only thing i would prefer different is a bit less noise.

Perfect models, perfect lighting… Really a good job! :slight_smile:

  • thanks, yes I agree about noise…
  • thank you :slight_smile:


Wow, this is pretty realistic. It’s just the noise though.