A strange bug appearing while working with Dynamic Topology tool


I was a bit confused where I should make a post about my problem so I started a thread here.
I have basically completed a model I have created. To continue the process of my project - I want to texture it and first I was thinking of creating a normal map for my model using Dynamic Topology tool. However, a strange bug appears when I start to use Dynamic topology. It somehow hides the actual dyntopo mesh… so I am not able see what I have sculpted.

I also tried to create a normal map using Multiresolution modifier, but it didn’ t give me the result I was looking for. Anyways… this is just a side info.

Anyways, here’s the .gif file showing the bug. I have to undo to see what has actually happened to dyntopo sculpt mesh (I don’ t use any other shortcuts).

I’m clueless about adding images here tho… It doesn’ t support the .gif type file it seems (even tho it says so…) so I add this manually as a hyperlink - https://i.gyazo.com/20c2318aee63ce119ae50a3608a3a2fd.gif

Bugs are discovered on the bug tracker.

Hey. Thanks for this link. Now I know what to do when bugs appear.

However, the problem is I can’ t understand how this “bug” appears. Every time I use dyntopo on my model this bug will appear, but it won’ t appear on some random new test file. So it’s really hard to share the problem with others as I’m trying to create a game asset and I was thinking in the beginning to not share as it might cause problems for me…

Yes, not a good idea to share such assets, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to share the file. Could save your work, then delete most of the geometry but leave a problematic area others can test, and then save a upload version of the file with another name. Or alternatively could try using the same workfile but create another model like Suzanne for sculpting and delete the actual asset you were creating.

There is very little to work with otherwise. The .gif you posted is also cropped so can’t see viewport settings, version, anything else than what you chose to show. If it’s a suspected Blender program error (a bug), others could help by testing it on their system but they need the file, as would developers when posting a report.

It could be a graphics glitch, or the file might have something wrong in it, but obviously this isn’t the normal behaviour. Someone might have had the described behaviour before but the odds are slim that someone would know to reply to this thread and share his/her experience.

You could try copying the object to another file with copy/paste or by appending it with file -> append. That should leave the scene settings behind and it might behave normally since you’re able to have that in a new file. Could also do file -> load factory settings before appending the object in the new file to get default settings in there (those won’t overwrite existing settings nor startup file until you tell it to).

Hi. Thanks for your helpful reply, I’ll definitely use the knowledge you’ve supplied me.

I didn’ t try the option you offered me yet, but I will add the .blend file to show the problem I’ve encountered (I’ve removed anything else but the object with polygons removed that I have problem with). To see the problem, you must enter to sculpt mode and use Dyntopo, use some random sculpt tool there and you should see the problem (if not then it’s quite weird…).
Here’s the .blend file - http://www.pasteall.org/blend/42562

Thanks in advance!

You have shape keys, remove those and it works. The sculpt symmetry axis also seems wrong but doesn’t cause the behaviour.

Thanks for saving my day :slight_smile: