A strange observation with noise treshold settings

I came across a video on youtube, in which the guy talked about his observations with the Noise threshold (NT) settings, and its effect on render times. The video can be found here.

His observations defy the standard ‘lower threshold means less noise’ in the final render. Increasing the NT, while also increasing the resolution produced better results with lower render times (from around 10 minutes down to about 1 or 2 minutes) when also coupled with a denoiser. This is obviously quite a substantial drop in render times, so im curious to know how does this make any sense, and what might be the reasoning behind these results? Blender manual has provided me with no satisfactory results.

Any insight is appreciated.

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i saw this video recently as well, and tested it on an old project and found surprisingly similar results.

that said, it wasn’t a purely scientific test since i was also using a new version of blender that benefitted from things like light trees and other sampling improvements that may have also helped with producing a more stable image faster.