a strange place - help with outdoor lighting

hi guys,

i’ve been tinkering with an outdoor scene for a few hours. it’s just a study of different methods for creating plant objects and randomized materials but i kind of like how the scene is turning out; sort of interesting.

i’m honestly don’t really know how to approach lighting an outdoor scene like this. i’ve attached the currently lighting ‘setup’ which consists of single, slightly-yellow, sun. ambient occlusion is also enabled at a factor of .5 and distance of 10.

but i don’t think the scene looks bright enough.

what are some techniques for lighting an outdoor scene? should multiple lamps be used?

thanks in advance for your advice. :o

For best results, crank up the strength of the sunlamp and ditch the AO.

The reason I say to ditch the AO is because you’re using the Cycles engine, which means you can instead use environmental lighting with true global illumination. The AO in general tends to be best used if you’re going to use it in the compositor to darken corners or you use it as a quick and dirty illumination method for animation or non-realistic rendering.

thanks a lot ace. i’ll try this out.

so is it a general rule that when lighting outdoor scenes the only lamp should be a sun? this would make logical sense…

Make the sun size really small, like 0.03. That will give you some nice shadows.

here is a newer render after having made the changes as suggested. i believe the sun lamp size is ‘0.3’ with a strength of ‘7.5’

ambient occlusion is disabled.

also did quite a bit of texture work (normal maps, spec. maps, etc.)