A strange problem and some unanswered questions

Here is my strange problem- Blender won’t play animations for me in the GE… Strange, huh? I don’t urge you to focus too much on this problem, but do your best to try to figure it out please. I have posted blends with animations that should work but don’t.

A question: How do you make a fake shadow, logic-brickwise? I know you make a textured plane and parent it to the character, but how do you get it to stay on the ground at all times? Is there a script for this?

One other question: How do you make simple proxy objects for controlling the physics of higher-poly models in the GE? I have the Blender Gamekit, and all it told me was to make a simple proxy object. If you own the book, look under the submarine game section and look what it says abot the logic for collisions. i hope you can help me!



Handgun.blend (568 KB)REfined Freebie.blend (479 KB)

To make simpler collision shapes for complex meshes, either use a simple collision type (cube, sphere, cone), or if convex hull/trimesh collision is more appropriate, parent the complex mesh to a simple mesh object (which defines the collision shape).

Setting the complex mesh object to “Ghost” should remove it from collision checking, I think. Not sure about that though.

Alright, but won’t the collision mesh still be visible?

In the logic panel, on the left side next to the actor button there is a button labeled “invisible”. Click that and the object won’t be drawn when you start the game engine.


What about the shadow script and the answer to my strange problem?

Theres a multitude of errors in the Handgun .blend…

For the healthbar the expressions are all wrong. You havent specified what is >0 or <100. It should read Health>0 AND Damage=True (not sure if the capital AND is important, but i always use it that way) Plus there is not property called Damage???

Then you have the messages being sent to ‘health bar’ which isnt nessisary, remove the ‘To’ bits, and it will just send the message globally.

The guns are a mess, I dont know why your trying to use the shape action to animate a object which has an action.
-The shape action actuator for a start is used to animate shape keys in the BGE.
-An object should be animated using keys in the NLA window while using an IPO actuator to drive the animation in game
-The action window is for animations involving an armature

So what I did was added an armature for the gun, parented its vertex groups and animated an action for the armature, then used the Action actuator (which is for armatures only) and it now works ingame. There is also an example of a cube being animated using a IPO actuator as well (press space) this is how I believe you were trying to animate the gun.
You will find that the health bar also works now that I fixed what I mentioned above.

So in conclusion its not Blender thats not playing animations for you, its you whos not telling blender what to do properly. If there ever is such a problem again, just remeber that 99% of the time its an error on the users part. The other 1% of the time its a bug in blender. And logically, if 2.49 wasnt playing animations in the GE, dont you think a few more people would have noticed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Handgun.blend (583 KB)

Holey Moley!!!:o
I had no idea!
The healthbar I got out of a tutorial, so you can talk to them, but I didn’t know you couldn’t use actions on an un-armatured object! Thanks!!

How about the shadow thing or my rigged character?

P.S. I’m trying to achieve the effect in the game Pumpkin Run in the Blender Gamekit.

UGH! Please help!