A strange question..

Say I create a plane, then in edit mode I create a second plane and rotate it 45 degrees, effectively creating 8 intersection points. Is there any single command or script that would make all 8 intersection points into new verticies?

No, there is nothing that I know of that places a vertex at intersections. A simple to way to make your example though would be to add a 16 vert circle and then select every second vertex. Then scale these selected verts in appropriately.


Oh my god, this is exactly what I need… desperately! Please, something for 2.37?! :frowning: [!]

It’s called a boolean function.
In blender boolean functions don’t work within editmode but in object mode.
So in this case you’ll need 2 plane objects, 1 rotated 45 degree.
select both, press W, select union and 1 of your objects is the one you want.
If blender would have correct boolean functions that is.
To get it to work use cubes instead of planes and delete all verteces you don’t need.
Remember that you will get triangles and this object is modeled by a computer, not a human.

This would have saved me a ton of time when I originally started this thread. What I did was way more complicated than my example, but it would have worked. Groovy. Thanks.

Beware, booleans works on volumes, not surfaces (i.e. planes)


Yes, thanks. But drawing in Editmode and adding vertex by vertex, crossing each other like a grid… there should be some command that delete all vertices but the outer and adds vertexes in edges intersections! There is a very great tutorial in http://www.thehobbitguy.com/tutorials/polymodeling/

What we need is so basic I’d add it right away if I was a programmer and developer! :slight_smile:

Thats not correct. Blender booleans (semi) work on volumes, not surfaces.
But that’s what I said, I even made a picture of it.

You’d also need to know something about math.